For almost two years now, we have been going through an unprecedented period that has forced us to adapt on multiple levels, individually and as a community. Prior to the launch of the event in June, the OsstidBurn organization consulted with all the volunteers who raised their hands to organize the 2021 edition. It was through the enthusiasm and commitment of these volunteers that the organizing committee moved forward with an event in October.  


The line of conduct is the one from public health and its sanitary measures in place for the safety of all for the maintenance of the edition 2021. #civicresponsibility


The health rules as of September 12, 2021 are as follows:  


Since 2016, The OsstidBurn has maintained relationships with several partners to ensure its sustainability. The Mansonville Fire Department, the municipality of Mansonville, the owner of the rented land, event insurance, Burning Man Inc are stakeholders of the event. The organization has therefore taken the position of adhering, positively, to the governmental directives in order to ensure the safety of its participants and to guarantee the continuity of these good relationships with its stakeholders. 


In the event that the Organizing Committee or participants do not comply with the above measures, fines to the organization and/or participants may be issued by the authorities. It is therefore for the survival of the event that everyone respects the rules surrounding the COVID-19 situation. 


Respecting the rules means respecting each other and ensuring the survival of our community.  ??