L’OsstidBurn is pleased to support artistic projects that promote participatory spirit in the heart of the event and wishes to recognize the central role played by theme camps in promoting and perpetuating the Burner culture in the community.


The Theme Camps and Art registration is now open! If you plan to bring your art or theme camps to L’OsstidBurn, you must register.

The reason: we must know your needs. The Placement team will find THE ideal place for your camp or art installation. All theme camps and art installations will be mapped and all will be shared to the community.


Burning Man events are created by volunteers and rely entirely on everyone’s participation. We need volunteers to create the event and frame it. Discover all different volunteer shifts to be filled. Be part of the team!

Volunteer Here!

The site is located in a wooded area of 100 acres in the Eastern Townships. A plain located at the entrance of the forest is able to accommodate up to 150 vehicles. Participants will be able to access the forest by a dirt trail.

To facilitate access to the site, two weekends are planned during which we will work to improve the site and accessibility. Fill up the form to participate.

May 23-24 / June 6-7