Unlike mainstream festivals, LNT events do not provide facilities for garbage or recycling on the site. Each participant must assume responsibility for their environmental impact. Everything you brought to L’OsstidBurn must leave with you, including your waste. Be sure to dispose of it responsibly after the event.

When the event is over, it is imperative that you take the time to clean up the area where your camp and your art installations were located. Whether your camp is 3 or 25 people, everyone has to ensure they left their space as they found it. There must be no sign that we were there!

As you’re planning your trip, it is absolutely necessary to read the following LNT good practices guide. It will answer most of your LNT questions. If you still have questions after reading it, please feel free to contact l’Osstidburn community on its Facebook page, or contact lnt@losstidburn.com.

Here is l’Osstidburn last edition MOOP Map.

Thank you for taking Leave No Trace seriously! See you in the woods.

The LNT team.