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L'OsstidBurn 2020 : COVID-19

Dear Osstidburners,

We are all living in a new reality. The Covid-19 pandemic has shaken up our daily lives and changed our plans for fun and travel for the summer of 2020. Thursday March 19th L’OsstidBoard met online with one goal. To talk about the well-being of you, the participants, with regard to L’OsstidBurn that is planned for June 23-28 2020. Here is what was decided:

STEP 1 (March 23: Work suspension)
As this pandemic is evolving rapidly and outcomes are unpredictable and considering the governmental recommendations on being prudent in managing the crisis during the last week, L’OsstidBoard has decided to suspend all planning and organisational activities related to this event for the moment (Art grants, theme camp applications, low income tickets, information BBQ etc.)

STEP 2 (April 22 : Proceed or Reschedule)
April 22nd, 2 months before the scheduled date for this event,we will make the final decision as to holding the event as planned or rescheduling it depending on the municipal and governmental recommendations at that time.

In the case that the event will be rescheduled, a survey concerning the best possible dates for L’OsstidBurn(summer or fall 2020) will be sent out to the community. The date that works best for the majority of the community will be the date chosen.  

STEP 3 (Summer 2020: Proceed or Cancel) 
If 2 months before the new date chosen it is still not realistic to hold L’OsstidBurn in a safe manner the even will be cancelled. 

You can request a refund of your ticket up anytime up to 7 days before the event. 
In the case that the 2020 event is cancelled, all tickets will be refunded. 

For all refund requests please send your full name and confirmation number to Refunded tickets will not be allocated to the waiting list until a new date for L’Osstidbun is confirmed. Note that if you request a refund on your ticket you participation in the event will no longer be guaranteed.

Stay in touch
L’OsstidBoard will communicate with this community as often as possible to keep you informed on what is happening for L’OsstidBurn 2020. Please take care of yourselves and don’t forget to check the best practices and advice to stay healthy.

We love you all!


If you have questions please write to

Welcome, OsstiBurners, to the official website for L’OsstidBurn, Montreal’s regional burn recognized by Burning Man since 2016.

L’OsstidBurn’s mission is to promote art and participatory engagement. Inspired by the principles of Burning Man, we invite each participant to freely and radically express their creativity.

The event will take place June 23rd to 28th, 2020. It’s 90 minutes by car from Montreal, in the Eastern Townships.