L’OsstidBurn is an extremely free and open-minded environment, so it’s important to be clear about your limits and respect those of others. The only valid invitation is an invitation expressed clearly and verbally. Consent and respect for boundaries are essential. Consent means that a person clearly has clearly given their permission following a proposition. Sexy costumes are not an invitation or consent already granted, nor is nudity. A person who is too drunk, high or asleep is not in a position to give their consent. A person who is intimidated or too afraid to resist is also unable to give consent.

Respect the limits of others. Ask before touching. This includes hugs!
Be respectful and aware of your own limitations and clearly express what you are comfortable with.



Photographing and filming participants without their consent is prohibited. Remember to ask before taking pictures!

Respect people who do not want to be photographed or filmed. And do not take pictures or film in areas identified with ‘No photography’ or ‘Pas de photo’ signs.


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