WARNING: You must have purchased your tickets BEFORE the event.
NO ticket sales will be on site.

Early arrival
Wednesday: 9AM to 1AM (Next day)


General entrance
Thusday: 9AM to 1AM (Next day)
Friday: 9AM to 1AM (Next day)
Saturday: 9AM to 5PM
Sunday: on call at the reception


Exodus [Sortie]
Monday: 9AM to 2PM


Session Leave No Trace
Monday: 2PM to 6PM


The final metres of the road leading to the entrance to the L’OsstidBurn site are quite rough. Drive very slowly.

As the path to the event is rugged, only 4×4 vehicles will be able to access it.

Wednesday: 9AM to 7PM
Thursday: 9AM to 7PM
Friday: No vehicle
Saturday: No vehicle
Sunday: No vehicle
Monday: 9AM to 2PM


When you arrive at the L’OsstidBurn site, you must leave your vehicle in the parking lot and transport all your personal belongings by your own means. Parking is about 800m from thecamp site.

The trails are impassable for any standard road vehicle. Provide: trolleys, ropes, etc. for the transport of your equipment.

Parking and RV space will be available on the Plana.